10 Election Year Reality Checks

This is our first presidential election without cable TV, and we love it. I think the absence of talking heads has helped us keep a better grip on reality. So here are some reminders in case you feel you’re losing yours:

1. That picture with the politically-charged caption that you’re sharing on Facebook isn’t going to change hearts and minds.

2. Canada has universal healthcare, and it’s cold...and it’s tired of you threatening to move there if your candidate loses.

3. Pretty much everywhere else you threaten to move also has universal health care, which should tell you something.

4. Sending death threats to Viacom won’t bring them back.

5. Hitler is not running.

6. No, repealing the Bush-era tax cuts is not the same as invading Poland.

7. Guantanamo Bay is still open.

8. If you can tell when David Gergen is having a bad hair day, it's time to turn off CNN. 

9. Being a Christian has a lot more to do with how you live every day than how you vote every four years. 

10. Don't believe the people who tell you to fear. They are trying to control you.

What would you add?



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