I’m sorry...

While most readers seemed to enjoy today’s post, “25 Things That Shouldn’t Scare Christians,” I understand that some felt I was picking on conservatives disproportionately, insinuating that those who oppose gay marriage and “happy holiday” greetings do so solely out of fear. That was certainly not my intent.  I tried to include a mix of issues (some serious, some silly) that are amplified by conservatives and liberals alike to appear more threatening than they really are, especially in light of our citizenship in God’s kingdom.

Looking over the post, I see how just a few adjustments could have perhaps improved the tone and spared us from some of the bickering that occurred in the comment section. I owe it to you guys to write the best post I can each day, so I’m sorry for not paying more attention to those little details that can make or break the "feel" of a post.

I stand by my opinion on this one…perhaps just not the way I delivered it.

Thanks for understanding.



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