Announcing the Eighth Letter Synchroblog

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a letter to the Church entitled “Let’s Build Bigger Banquet Tables,” and I mentioned that my letter was just one of many being composed all across North America as part of theEighth Letter project. 

To help compile these letters, I’m teaming up with Ian McLaren and Chris Lewis to host The Eighth Letter Synchroblog, which will take place September 12-18 (this week!) across the Web. 

To participate, take the following steps: 

1. Write a letter to the North American Church, sharing what you believe is the most pressing message to Christians living in this culture. 

2. Post the letter on your blog, linking to Eighth Letter ( and the synchroblog (  Feel free to use the image above. If you tweet, use #8thletter

3. Let me know when your post is up and I’ll add a link to your letter here.  (You can simply leave a comment after this post or you can contact me directly; just be sure to include your name and a link.) 

We will be updating this post as the letters come in, so keep checking back. My prayer is that out of a multitude of different voices we will find harmony…and hope for moving forward as a unified church.

The Letters

Jonathan Brink: Return To Love

Michael Mercer (imonk): A Letter to the North American Church

Sarah Askins: Removing the Make-Up of Perfection

Alise Wright: My Letter to North American Churches

Alan Ward: Alan’s Epistle to the Church in North America

Blue Collard Daughter: More Walk, Less Talk

Amanda Mac: To the Church in North America, Canada 

David Henson: A Good Death

John Armstrong: My Letter to the North American Church

Rachel Held Evans: Let's Build Bigger Banquet Tables

Chad Holtz: The Church is a Whore (But She's My Mother)

Andy Box: The Hardest of These Is Love

Nathan Colquhoun: Moving From a Self-Justifying Church to a Failure-Admitting Church

Kristen Sloan: The Battle Against Complacency 

Matt Appling (The Church of No People): Dear Church

Rob Reardon: Letter to the Church in North America

Ian McLaren: Let's Get Back to Our Roots

Elle Pyke: Where Are Your Women?

Daniel Darling: To the Church - You Will Prevail

Martha Williams Jordan: A Word of Love in a Time of Judgment

Travis Mamone: Letter to the American Church

James Kingsley: Scratch That - Just Go With This

Kathy Escobar: Dignity Restorers

Nicole Cottrell (Modern Reject): Letter to the Church - My Bride and My Body

Gary Nelson: Let's Love One Another

Liz Dyer: Humble Pie (My Letter to the North American Church)

Michael D. Bobo: Eighth Letter

Solar Crash: A Letter to the Church in North America

Scott Shirley: No More Words

Jon Reid: Holy Spirit Here...Remember Me? 

Jim McNeely: Letter to the North American Church

Joel Rieves: A Letter to the North American Church

Jody Ferrell: Letter to the North American Church

Richard Dahlstrom (Rainy City Pastor): A New Tulip for 2010

Ron Aumndson: To the North American Church, an 8th Letter

Matt Grube: Return to Passion After Jesus

Kathy Baldock: Keep It Simple

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