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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Tech support (aka Dan) added a cool video feature to the blog. Now we can discuss (or just laugh at) my favorite You Tube videos. 

(Update 4/30/2012: the video page is no-longer available)

Some comments on the videos what I’ve posted so far:

Video 1.  Barack Obama’s Speech on Race: This is the most moving and profound speech on race I’ve ever heard. Obama could have let the controversy over his pastor’s inflammatory remarks just fade into the woodwork, but instead he confronted the issue head-on. I like that he spoke to the concerns of  both white and black Americans, and that he courageously addressed subjects most political advisors would warn him to avoid at all costs- affirmative action, the O.J. Simpson Trial, bitterness among many in the African American community, and the fact that “the most segregated hour of the week is on Sunday morning.”  

What did you think of the speech? Do you feel like racism is still a major issue in America? Did the controversy over Obama’s pastor make you feel more concerned about Obama as a candidate and perhaps as a president? 

Videos 2 and 3: The Onion News: So funny!!!! For articles, visit http://www.theonion.com. I hear they’re making a movie!

Video 4: Brian McLaren speaks at a press conference for religious reporters:  McLaren makes the case that conservativism no longer has a monopoly on the evangelical community. I like that he urges the media to do more work in representing the diversity within evangelicalism, rather than resorting to stereotypes. 

McLaren suggests that evangelical “A-listers” like Pat Robertson and James Dobson are part of an “outgoing tide” being replaced by a more progressive movement within the evangelical community. He mentions that issues like climate change, genocide, fair trade, and peace are becoming more important to evangelicals and may even affect their how they vote in this election cycle. 

Do you agree? 

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