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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Time for a little survey. I want this blog to be an inviting and stimulating forum, so I need to know what you want to talk about. I’ve listed some topic ideas below. Please let me know which ones appeal to you and what additional subjects you think should make the list. 

1. Women and the Church: We had a great discussion a few days ago about Hillary Clinton and the religious right’s attitude toward women.  A few of you mentioned that you felt dismayed by the lack of opportunity for women in the religious workplace. This might be an interesting subject to pick up. 

2. Politics/The 2008 Election: I know you’re not supposed to talk about religion and politics in polite conversation, but this isn’t polite conversation; it’s a blog! Plus, this year is an election year, so the topic is bound to come up. We can talk about the candidates, the issues (the war, healthcare, the economy, etc.), and the parties. I’d be interested to know how your political positions have changed over the years. 

3. The Emerging Church: I plan to post a blog sometime next week about why I am drawn to many aspects of the Emerging Church. If you are uncertain about what the Emerging Church is, interested in discussing its strengths and weaknesses, learning more about the writers and theologians who are a part of the movement, and so on, let me know. 

4. The Writing Life: If you’re a fellow writer and want to talk about the writing life (or lack thereof), we should talk! I’m working on a book right now, and could really use the encouragement and advice of other writers. (Also, you might want to check out my agent’s blog at: She’s got a lot of good advice for writers who want to get published. ) 

5. Books! Let me know if you have a book you would like me to review or one you would like to review as a guest blogger. I might even include a blog each week asking for your recommendations. 

Also, let me know if you would like to see more excerpts from the book I’m writing. I could certainly use the feedback.

6. Bryan College/ William Jennings Bryan: A lot of you are either Bryan students or graduates; Kedric suggested we a post about WJB’s political life and some of the causes he fought for. 

7. Poverty, AIDS, genocide, human trafficking, world affairs, etc. I’d like to know about organizations you support and creative ways to make a difference in these areas.  Should we boycott the Bejing Olympics? 

And now for a host of theological/Christian living issues: 

8. Calvinism/Arminianism. (I’ve  yet to have a truly fruitful conversation about this issue, but perhaps we could isolate certain aspects of each position and discuss those?) 

9. Pluralism. What happens to people who never heard about Jesus when they die? How should Christians interact with people of other religions? What is inclusivism? I love this topic, and exploring it has meant a lot to me personally. 

10. Biblical Inerrancy/ Infallibility 

11. Creationism/ Evolution/ Religion and Science. This topic has generated some good conversations so far. 

12. Selective Literalism. Which parts of the Bible do we tend to take literally and which parts do we like to ignore? 

13. Homosexuality. I worry about this topic a lot.  I’m really afraid that Christians have alienated the gay community to the point of no return. I’d like you’re thoughts on this subject. 

14. Worship 

15. Heaven and Hell 

16. Materialism 

17. Gossip (Big issue for me!) 

18. Spiritual Journeys. When following Christ, no one stays in the same place for long. I want to know about your spiritual journeys, what you have learned, how you have changed, etc. 

19. Postmodernism and the Church 

What else? Let me know what other topics you find interesting. Also, what other blogs do you like to check regularly? What suggestions do you have for the site?

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