FAQ Friday (Video): How do you handle controversy?

by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Today is the second entry in a video series I'll be doing to respond to some of your frequently asked questions. When I solicited questions from readers a few weeks ago, this one from Laura was one of the most popular: 

Something I'm constantly amazed by is your ability to take things that are so emotional and sometimes (for me anyway) infuriating and you are able to approach them from a place of peace, a place that is looking for common ground. How did/do you get to that place? And how do you personally distinguish between "someone is offended" and "I was offensive"; how do you know when your words could have been more gentle or helpful or when the other person just isn't ready to hear your message, regardless?

Here's my response. It's a little rough, my hair looks terrible (thanks, Southern humidity), and you can see my messy kitchen in the background, but "being real and vulnerable" is hip right now...right? 

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