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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Perhaps the most significant life lesson I’ve learned in my young adulthood is that knowing all the answers isn’t as important as asking good questions. So every now and then I like to use Fridays to 1) link to other bloggers and writers who have asked compelling questions during the week and 2) open the floor for you to share whatever questions you’ve been wrestling with lately.

Some things that got me thinking this week:

Jason Boyett asks, How do doubters achieve a balance between honest questioning and concern over the spiritual well-being of non-doubters?  

Karl Giberson of the BioLogos Foundation asks, Why should we trust scientific orthodoxy? (Money quote:“The consensus on the age of the earth not a ‘consensus of opinion’ but a ‘consensus of data’ and a ‘consensus of methods.’)

Over at The Church of No People, Matt asks, What would it take to make you give up your faith?

On the Tim Ferriss blog, Rolf Potts (author of Vagabonding) asks, Are you doing well or living well? 

Tabitha asks, Can you think of one impossible thing today?

Kristin asks, What do we hope our kids will get out of church?

Janet asks, Will it matter in a year?

Jody asks, How essential is an online presence to a writer’s career? 

So, what questions are you asking this week—on your blog, at your dinner table, in your head, in your heart?

(Feel free to link to your own blog.)

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