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by Rachel Held Evans Read Distraction Free

Perhaps the most significant life lesson I've learned in my young adulthood is that knowing all the answers isn't as important as asking good questions.

So for the next few weeks, I’d like to use Fridays to 1) link to other bloggers and writers who have asked compelling questions during the week and 2) open the floor for you to share whatever questions you’ve been wrestling with lately. Feel free to include links to your own posts – just try to frame your comments around a question.

Some things that got me thinking this week:

  • And on a lighter note, you simply must check out this video from Carlos Whittaker. It’s so funny it’s gone viral, and Carlos and his family have experienced a whirlwind of media appearances as a result. Couldn’t happen to a cooler family.

My question of the week: How am I going to respond when people ask me if I think homosexuality is a sin when I’m becoming more and more convinced that that’s the wrong question? (I’ll address this question on Monday when I review Andrew Marin excellent book, Love is an Orientation. You won’t want to miss it.)

So, what questions have YOU been asking yourself this week?

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