The Atlantic

"Despite the fact that we had been instructed to impose a hierarchy onto our marriage and stick to traditional gender roles in the home, Dan and I found ourselves operating as a team of equal partners, dividing household chores and responsibilities based on practicality rather than gender."

CBC Radio - Q

"So she spent a year, trying to take the Bible's instructions for women as literally as possible. That included covering her hair, obeying her husband and camping out on her front lawn during her period."

People (Nov 12, 2012 p.63)

"Evans champions women, freedom and forgiveness in a way that transcends religion."


"It’s possible, in fact, that this is about her brain—or at least what makes it from her brain to her mouth. Evans proudly identifies as evangelical, but not everyone will allow her that label."

The Guardian

"It's easy to mock these radical life experiments as inauthentic, but Evans at least had a didactic purpose."


"Author Rachel Held Evans spent a year scouring the Bible for all its rules and regulations for women, following them to the letter."

The View

"Rachel Held Evans, who spent a year living by the strict laws the Bible has for women, shared her experiences calling her husband “master”, making her own cloth, and camping out in her backyard during her period!"

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