Eve, the Fallen

October: Gentleness – Girl Gone Mild

Deborah, the Warrior

November: Domesticity – Martha and Me

Tamar, the Trickster

December: Obedience – My Husband, My Master

Mary, the Mother of God

January: Valor – The Proverbs 31 To-Do List

Vashti, the Other Queen

February: Beauty – Breasts Like Towers

Leah, the Unloved

March: Modesty – Hula-Hooping with the Amish

Ruth, the Moabite

April: Purity – The Worst Time of the Month to Go Camping

Mary Magdalene, the Witness

May: Fertility – Quivers Full of Arrows and Sippy Cups

The Samaritan at the Well

June: Submission – A Disposition to Yield

Tabitha, the Disciple

July: Justice  – Arms Outstretched

Junia, the Apostle

August: Silence – I Am Woman, Hear Me No More

Huldah, the Prophet

September: Faith – Things Unseen


*Table of Contents is subject to change.